Friday, February 08, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2008

Happy(?) Chinese New Year Reunion dinner on 6 Feb 2008.

Cold plate
Cold plate consists of deep fried scallops, spring roll and 炒桂花翅 (stir fried mock sharks fin)

Sweet n sour fish
年年有餘 (Sweet and sour fish)

Sea cucumber
Braised sea cucumber, fish maw and shiitake.

Fish maw soup
Fish maw and mock sharks fin soup.

Pineapple tart
Pineapple tarts

I am so knackered. The cleaning, preparation, cooking, washing up, normal household chores, shopping (food) and jaga Princess...... I think it's all too much.

All the food turned out good (I think) but Princess say restaurant food better -_-''' orz......... Despite saying that she sure ate a lot especially the scallops.

Big King had to work late so no happy reunion :(

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BB said...

Jie u baked the best pineapple tart so far. Haven't eaten anything which taste better in my wholelife yet. I used to hate it until u baked it!