Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[Baking] Spanish (or is it Mexican?) Wedding Cookies

Spanish wedding cookies
Baked by Rabbit

I got the recipe (sorry, lost) from the internet. It was OK OK but Princess loved them.

Spanish wedding cookies1
Bought at Powerhouse Market

Sample of this was thrust in my face as I was walking by.

Why not.

I gave a piece to Princess and she exclaimed rather loudly, 'Wah, cin ho chia ah (delicious!).'

I quickly grab another one and tasted. Not bad (I am not mad over cookies you see), at least way better than whose I baked.

Seeing Princess liked them so much I bought a box (6 for A$4). She asked for them everyday until the fourth one, she's had enough.

I devoured the rest, yay.

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