Tuesday, May 06, 2008

[Brisbane] Le Bon Choix

Le Bon Choix
French Boulangerie Patisserie
379 Queen St
Brisbane City

Le Bon Choix on Queen St
Unassuming entrance

Le Bon Choix literally means 'the best choice'. Hmmm, I am not sure after my visit.........

Le Bon Choix Cakes
Plenty of cakes in the chiller cabinet.

I am really spoit for choice. Totally at loss what to get.

Le Bon Choix bread and tarts
Also on offer are bread, quiches, sandwiches, tarts and Danish pastries which should serve the lunch crowd well.

Le Bon Choix Knick Knacks
Biscuits, truffles, madeleines on display.

Le Royale by Le Bon Choix
La Rivale

"It comprises a chocolate brownie base and an outer layer of jaconde (almond sponge). This is filled with gianduja and praline mousse, with a centre of baked cheesecake, and topped with balls of chocolate." CM, 4/9/07

I read about the above in Courier Mail, my head and heart sang 'die, die, must try'.

It didn't leave too much impression to be honest. The whole thing was okay until you eat it with the blackcurrant tasting jam/spread on top of the cake, weird combination, the taste did not go well together.

I also wished better quality chocolate was used. Hey, for the price of A$7.50 for a tiny cake (about 2/3 the size of Chouquette gateau), it's only fair that one should expect the best quality.

Opera by Le Bon Choix

Nice presentation, taste wise, didn't leave much impression too.

You could tell by now Rabbit's heart had sank and eating the remaining of the cake with a poker face in silence.

Tragedy! For I ooh and aah everytime I devour a certain patisserie's creations. Time after time.

Macarons by Le Bon Choix
Macarons, assorted flavours (A$1.50@)

The heart sank further when I tasted the macarons.....

I believe in giving second chances, but I make up lots of excuses in my head whenever the idea of visiting again struck.

Chloe at Le Bon Choix
Princess asked me to snap her when I was trying to snap the al-fresco ares.


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i actually agree with you about the cakes at le bon choix. my friend recommended me the place saying it was "to die for" but after tasting a chocolate eclair, i thought it wasn't THAT great. yummy but i've tasted better.