Friday, May 09, 2008

[Brisbane] Snack time! Stroopwafels and Shiraz Chocolate Drops

Dutch stroopwafels

Princess and my absolute favourite after meal nibble. We like it slightly soft and chewy.

If I got time, I left a wafel on top of a mug of hot tea. Flip over until desired softness. If I ain't got time, I blast it in microwave for 8 secs.

Super yum!!

Princess face lits up everytime I bring it out of the pantry.

I get mine from Mt Gravatt Deli or Rock on Melbourne. I recently saw it at Penisi Cuisine and the price is definitely cheaper.

I love love love Penisi Cuisine, it's like a treasure cove for me. I bought Fraus Italian drinking thick chocolate, you know the type you can only drink with a spoon. They're delicious. It beats paying 3 times over if you order in the shop.

Speaking of deli, the most well-stocked I have ever seen so far is Plenty Deli in Eight Miles Plain. True to its name, floor to ceiling, corner to corner, brimming with goodies. Big chiller cabinet brimming with cheese and olives and antipastos. My god. Its my heaven, I wish I live in it.

Shiraz Chocolate Drops

I saw this at Vintage Cellar while shopping for bubbly.

Thy're just muscat grapes soaked in shiraz, dried and coat in dark chocolate. It's soft and chewy and not too sweet. Grown-up taste.

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Space Cadet said...

i'm looking for stroopwafels in brisbane. i used to get mine from the grocery store on moss st near mt gravatt (which has now closed down!). Are there any other places you know of which sell it?