Monday, May 26, 2008

[Princess] Future Queen of............

Chloe @ Kmart
Shopping (Queen)

We were shopping for a winter jacket. I asked her to try this pink jacket on and take a picture.

We were standing next to a rack of accesories.

After I put on the coat for her and getting the camera ready.

She suddenly grab a bag and a hairband from the rack and said, 'Nah, put this on me also. Sui bah, sui bah.'

Wow, way to go girl. So little already know how to accesorise and moreover, the colour matched too.

Made up Chloe
Beauty (Queen)

Hey, don't go all pukey. She's a cutey pie (*brainwashing*).

Made up Chloe 1
I don't know how she knows the stuff is supposed to be used on the face. I have never put on make-up in front of her, haven't done it for years in fact.

I couldn't stop laughing when I caught her secretly diam-diam playing in the bedroom while I surf the net in the living room.

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bibi said...

I think it's because she saw me using one of those stuff on one of those days. HAHA.