Friday, May 09, 2008

[Brisbane] Top Noodles @ Market Sq

Top noodles, I have written so many times about it before. No need for more intro.

I constantly have cravings for prawn tempura. Preferably, the Japanese long sweet prawns encased in the thinnest and lightest batter.

I have no idea where to find well-executed ones in Brisbane.

Tempura Don@Top Noodle
Ten don

Ten don comprised of prawn and vegetable tempura. There were 2 prawns, yay but a bit chewy. Most probably because they were previously frozen. I think the price was A$11.xx.

Gyoza@Top Noodle

Gyoza was on special for only A$2.90. Ordered a portion for Princess, she loves dumplings of all sorts. These were quite good, very juicy. Excellent value.

Sad to announce it's no longer my favourite place for lunch, it has been replaced by Shin Yuan pork chop house also in Market Sq. If I have no idea where to go for lunch, or if my tummy grumble and I happen to be in Market Sq. I will always walk towards Shin Yuan unconciously. Unless of course Big King is there to stop me. Haha.

Chicken chop, pork chop bring them on. Big King is not the only pork chop face in the house. Shhhhhh, secrets.......


Bronnie said...

I've just discovered your blog and like it very much. I look forward to discovering more yummy places to eat in Brisbane.
Do you like Peking Duck? Yum Yum Peking Duck at Darra is divine!
Cheers from another Brisbane girl.

Rabbit Sim said...

Thanks Bronnie for stopping by. Yum Yum Peking Duck, is that the name of the restaurant? I love Peking Duck, must try.