Wednesday, May 07, 2008

[Brisbane] Yum Cha at Hong Kong Cuisine

Hong Kong Cuisine
162 Beaudesert Rd
Queensland 4105

It's time for a yum cha post.

'Why start with little known Hong Kong Cuisine?' You may ask.

Well, no particular reason, but as always I will save the best for later. You get the picture.

HK Cuisine Moorooka
Shopfront in 'Little Africa', Moorooka

Before you wonder what is a Chinese restaurant doing in 'Little Africa', you should know there is at least one Chinese restaurant (proper one not takeaway) in every suburb or our neighbourhood.

HK Cuisine interior
HK Cuisine interior

Thick garish red carpet, fish tank (but this time it's for pets not dish), tacky chairs with Chinese New Year greetings *weird*.

The air-cond was just switched-on when we enter. We sat through a 'sticky' dim sum meal.

Worst first-time dining scenario.

HK Cuisine Dim Sum
The usual dim sum fare, all freshly steamed, fried, baked. Nothing outstanding.

We were there because of their ad in the local free newspapers. They claimed they do dim sum wholesale to restaurants around the city.

I feel sorry for the patrons of those restaurants they 'wholesale' to.

Okay, moving on, Landmark was the first restaurant we chose to have our first dim sum meal in Brisbane.

Reason? There's always lots of people cluster around the entrance waiting to be seated. When there's queue, restaurant will give out numbers to control the queue. So no 'I cut queue so what, I am thick skin enough, who dare to stop me' scenarios can happen like back home.

Yes, it has happened to me in Lucky or Phongmun lots of time. In these old-school places, only the 'sharpest eyes' and the 'fastest sprint' win.

Landmark Dim Sum
Mediocre fare but I can understand why it is popular. With a location like Sunnybank Plaza with ample parking, it has its advantages.


Anonymous said...

hello rabbit sim,
please try not to mimic Anthony Bourdain, you're far from it. Your write ups are not giving readers much insight to what we can expect in the restaurant but instead, your shallow biased views on subject matters that nobody really wish to know are just quite unpleasant, and rather annoying. One other thing, are you even a chinese, Miss Sim?

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Cuisine was highly recommended to us and didn't disappoint. Nice fresh food - we could see it being made in the kitchen, tasty, very friendly service, relaxed atmos. Will be there again soon, and taking friends. EVC