Friday, May 23, 2008

[Fashion] Trade Secrets

I mentioned a little about my fashion taste before. Generally, I like anything casual but 'well-made'.

I don't believe in spending a fortune on brands to look good. You can be stylo even in cheapy clothes but not head to toe, mind you. It depends on how you wear them.

For eg, a cheap $5 grey tee (cheap) with jeans (always difficult to determine the price-range) plus a LV or Gucci or Chanel bag (expensive, or you could opt for mid-range) plus some accesories (cheap, again difficult to tell the price). Trust me, you will look a million dollar.

To be honest, I am mostly in jeans and t-shirt, sandals and my favourite Longchamp bag (my designer bags are left forgotten at the corner of wardrobe).

Trade Secret is one such place I find my well-made casual pieces at rock bottom price. It is Australia's answer to US' TJ Maxx or UK's TK Maxx. There is new stock everyday. So I will go once a week or a fortnight, on a weekday, to go check check.

Sometimes I like to wear skirt too but it can be quite 'inappropriate' at times with naughty naughty Princess in tow.

Trade Secret
Marcs Tulip dress (A$30 @ Trade Secret)

I love Marcs casual wear (not Marcs by Marc Jacob but an Australian brand) but I don't like the price very much. When Trade Secret have shipments in from Marcs, I go crazy (well, in the changing room). The tulip dress is retailing at A$170. Crazy crazy prices at Trade Secret. What am I waiting for? Buy, buy, buy.......

Just Add Sugar@Trade Secret
Long cardi knit by Just Add Sugar (A$39.95 @ Trade Secret)

I suppose this is a staple piece in ALL Jap and Korean girls' wardrobe. I have been eyeing this style for the longest time. I tried one on at Universal but at A$89.95, it's expensive for me. Imagine my joy when I saw this hanging at Trade Secret. I do the 'does my bum look big in this' test in the changing room. No (I have massive bum, I tell ya). Great relief. Down from A$69.95, not exactly greatly discounted. Still....Buy, buy, buy.....

I am looking for a light jacket, I saw this Wish mock leather jacket for A$79.95. Hmmm, still thinking...........
Trade Secret 2
Sorry, bad quality photo, taken with Nokis E65 under dim lightings.

This jacket looks cool but I am unsure about the buttons (A$34.95). Bi, you think this a good buy?
Trade Secret 1

My favourite from Universal, I like the graphic on this long tee. And no, my big bum doesn't show. But at A$89.95, way above my budget for a single tee. Back on the racks, sigh.......
God, elephant legs showing. Back to jeans *sob*....

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bibi said...

No jie i don't think that's a good buy. It looks weird but the others are looking good on you(honestly)! I like the tulip dress(very elegant) and your knitted jacket! gET one winter clothing for me at least! :p