Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Brisbane] Chouquette

Millefuille by Chouquette

One of the better ones I have tasted in Brisbane. Not present is the garish yellow custard mix you find in most bakeries. Relief.

Puff pastry is flaky and still crispy (bought in morning and ate in evening).

Macarons by Chouquette

Macarons are our default buy from Chouquette. They will always have chocolate plus one other seasonal flavour. This time they had apple flavour. I can't really tell the flavour if not told beforehand.

I have also tried cherries and pineapple flavours. The filling for the pineapple macarons is similar to the pineapple paste I made for my pineapple tarts. Strong, tart and not too sweet. I like.

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