Friday, May 30, 2008

[Brisbane] West End Market @ Davies Park

I adore markets.

But I don't venture anywhere else after my first visit to Powerhouse Market. Yeah, it's that good.

But things got a bit restless when it's three more weeks to the next market.

Big King's colleague recommended West End Market.

I was pretty excited with promise of bountiful cheap stuff.

West End Market
West End Market is held at Davies Park in, well, West End. Things look rosy. Beautiful huge park.

Hats@West End Mkt
Lots and lots of hats but....none too interesting enough.

There were stalls selling everything from second hand clothings to old records to handmade jewelleries to incense. Oh, it's also a flea market as well as a produce market.

Haircut@West End Mkt
Haircut in a 'bird cage'. Cute. Tomas is nowhere to be seen though.

Things get interesting when you go past the 'birdcage'.

It's cooked food section *yay* (MY territory) and growers' stalls selling seasonal apples, pears, vegetables and seafood and artisan bread.

By now the crowd also gets interesting. Lotsa 'spiritually elevated' people er....floating....around. Most......barefooted with dreadlocks and hippy colourful clothing looking half-stoned. My jaw's on my chest when I saw small groups (lots of them in smallish group but they all greeted each other) of these 'beings' floated by.


Curry Puff@West End Mkt
Ah, curry puffs. Where have you been all this time? Like a long lost friend, I cried with joy and 'hug' them when I 'met' me long lost 'mate', curry puffs.

They're yummy! Regretted only gotten a couple, there were other goodies beckoning! Must make a trip specially for these babies soon.

Monsteros@West End Mkt
Saw this funny looking thing. Is it a veg or fruit. Hello...hello.....Stall owner missing....

Langos@West End Mkt
There was a long line for Langos, a Hungarian fried bread topped with sour cream and your choice of ketchup, chilli sauce or barbeque sauce and sprinkle with shredded cheese.

Hmmm, dough is very good but totally spoilt with the toppings. If only the sauces were homemade and better cheese was used. They're not cheap, A$5, a gorgeous French Flan with top notch ingredients was only A$7 and twice the size. You see why I love Powerhouse more.

West End Market is touted to be the cheapest market around with upmarket produce/goodies and totally blown-away shopping experience.
Well, its er.......not for me. Except for the excellent curry puffs.

I'll definitely be back!


faz said...

Loving your blog!! Always interseted to see new places to eat. Have you tried Bada Bing at chermside? It's great. Read my blog for more -

Totally know what you mean by how good the Powerhouse markets are! It's like food over load!! Never been to the west end markets but i thought it would be a bit..hippy.

I do love langos though! Best i ever had was at Big Day Out. The sauce was homemade. Yum

Lara said...

I'm with you - you can't go past the Powerhouse Market... although I'm also quite fond of the Northey St Markets if I can get up early enough on a Sunday! It's not cheap, but they have good quality organic produce.

I think the Green Flea market is just too busy nowadays, and I never know which stalls have nice produce - a lot of it looks a bit sad to me. :-/ Maybe that's why it's cheap? It is very popular though, so maybe I'm missing out on something!