Thursday, August 18, 2005

Char Siew Pau 义燒包 and 生煎包 Pan Fried Pau

I made char siew again. This time using recipe from Renee of shiokadelicious! The recipe has been made very popular on the internet so I was very eager to try it out myself.

After heating up the sauce, it was with great anticipation that I tasted the sauce, hmmm, delicious, but not mind blowingly so, a tad disappointed. I somehow find the taste lacking in something..........Quickly scan through my memory, suddenly remembered an interview with local (UK) Chinese chef in a local publication, the chef mentioned about combining hoisin and ground yellow bean sauce for more flavour. So I throw in 1 tbsp of ground yellow bean sauce. Reheat the mixture and let the flavour macerate before I taste it again.

When I taste again, cor the flavour kind of explode in your head first then all over the delicious nerve sensors in your mouth, crying out this is it! The near perfect char siew sauce! Renee is a genius for coming up with her version of char siew sauce, I just tweaked here and there.

I adapted both the pau recipes from Sau.

Pau ready to be pan-fried.

Pan-Fried Pau ready in 10 minutes.

I pan-fried the pau on both sides except 4 of them to see which one taste nicer. The double-sided pan-fried win, 2 thumbs up. The pau is very soft and springy and stayed that way after being kept in the fridge for 2 days. I like eating them with shredded ginger in vinegar like you would with xiaolong.

Char Siew Pau ready in 9 minutes

The char siew pau had not come out soft as pillow because I forgot to let it rise after shaping them! But still tasty nonetheless!

Also cooked fried kway teow with the char siew.

Clean wok, only used 1 tbsp of oil!

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