Monday, August 15, 2005

Custard Bun

I was determined not to waste any of the nutritious okara (leftover residue from soymilk) so I googled for it's use in cooking/baking/beauty?
I have seen it incorporated into bread dough at May's (recipe is in Chinese), looks interesting so I adapted the recipe.

One of my favourite dim sum item is deep fried custard bun, it's been a long time since I came across a good one. The quality of custard varies greatly from restaurant to restaurant. I have not seen one in Brunei yet.
I adapted the recipe from Bonbon Kitchen (my favourite website hunt for great Hong Kong food recipes). What makes it different to creme patissierre is the addition of salted egg yolk in the Chinese version hence the sweet/savoury taste (very addictive).

Utterly delicious bun! I was very greedy with the filling, I almost did not manage to seal the bun! They came out gigantic! Even looking at the photo now makes my mouth saliva. Will continue my quest in searching for the best/perfect Chinese custard recipe.

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Anonymous said...

Dear fellow searcher for the perfect chinese custard bun recipe

The pictures look scrumptious. Any chance you can provide the recipe in English please as I don't read chinese.

Banana (yellow outside, white inside)