Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Great British Food - Aromatic Crispy Duck

This I have to say is the only food I ever crave if I leave England. It's not exceptionally delicious or anything spectacular about it, it's just to my taste.

It used to be on my must order list whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant. But now, it's available EVERYWHERE. The taste and quality varies though, my favourite is the one from Sainsbury's, the taste is more authentic. Apart from the ubiquitous duck, inside the package you'll also find all the trimmings. It's so convenient and at a fraction of the price you pay at restaurant, fantastic!

Bake until crispy in the oven, about 30 to 45 minutes. Big King so kepoh (busybody) insist on taking this picture for me, ALL the shots were blur, this is the best one

Use 2 forks to tear the meat away from the bone. Too hot to handle with bare fingers.

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sieyee said...

i want this ... i want this... looks soooooo yummy... let me imagine i am eating... wowoww... very nice ahh... hehehe