Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Beloved Brother

Taken at The Empire Hotel and Country Club December 2004


Anonymous said...

(LansXiaoMei) wahliu, jump so high, macam can fly liao. As if he can la! Ehseh! Nice pic anyway...! Mr. Niu Ge has a very good sense of angle and he definitely caught the right time for the picture. Yay! Peace to us!

Anonymous said...

(KiatKiat) Aiyah! Jie I am so shy now. If someone who knows me comes to this blog. OH NO!! I will go and suicide. Elah! Just kidding. Thanks, Jie I also love this picture very muchie. OK! Bye!!

Rabbit Sim said...

Ehhehe this is my FAVOURITE KiatKiat shot oh!