Friday, August 05, 2005

Sunday Yum Cha at Glamourous Restaurant

Big King was on leave last week. With Chloe in tow, we cannot venture very far. So we decide to visit Manchester which is 45 minutes to 1 hour away. First stop is always Chinese restaurant for yum cha.

Glamourous Restaurant entrance

Glamorous restaurant is situated strategically above a large chain Chinese supermarket just off city centre. By far the BEST yum cha place in Manchester in my opinion. But the local ang moh (English people) will beg to differ, to them, Yang Sing in Chinatown symbolises the epitome of Chinese cuisine.

As you can see from the picture above, the entrance is decorated with very eye-catching neon-lit sign-board. The windows were decorated with Christmassy like (or Hari Raya if you like) light décor, fully lit, even in broad daylight. Very glamorous indeed from the outside alone.

There were many goodies on offer, our first order is this steamed chicken with chestnut. The chicken is very tender, delicious even when cold, however, chestnut is not sweet and not soft enough to my liking. Almost forgot to take picture, too eager to tuck in, hehe.

A waiter passed by carrying a tray full of plates of Fried Squid Cake fresh from the kitchen. Looks very appetizing. "One please, waiter."

Squid cake was piping hot, lovely eaten with the Thai style sweet chilli sauce.

Regular yum cha fare, love this version which comes in claypot.

One of the highlight from among the dim sum fares. It's called 'thousand shred pastry'. The pastry is made up of many many flaky shreds and the filling made from yet more shreds of white radish. Very moreish. My MUST order.

Another MUST order is lomaikai (glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves). We tapau 4 home!

For dessert we had mango pancake. Fresh mango encased with whipped cream rolled up inside a pancake. The mango is fresh and sweet, I scooped out half the cream to cut down the guilt but it's delicious with the cream!

Hustle and bustle inside the restaurant.

My princess loved the hustle bustle, observing every happenings surrounding her. Giggling all the time! Too bad the picture is blur :-(

Went shopping at the Chinese supermarket downstairs and bought these from the bakery counter.

Top left is polo cocktail bun.

Lower right is ham chin peng.

Cross section view of the polo cocktail bun. The filling is made of sugar, butter and dessicated coconut. Delicious!

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