Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Great British Food - Introduction

England is a foodie desert? No way!

The English may be guilty of soggy chips but the influx of immigrants has brought much variety into the gastronomic scene.

The world's best restaurant is in a small village here in England called 'The Fat Duck'. It's owner cum head chef is reputed to be the world's GREATEST cook, I couldn't agree more. If you haven't known, it's Heston Blumenthal, an alchemist chef, regarded highly by fellow peer the like of the legendary Roux brothers and Ferran Adria of 'El Buli' in Spain. He's been dubbed a genius and the future.

Among Heston's signature dish is snail porridge and white chocolate with caviar. He likes pairing unlikely tastes, grain mustard ice cream, anyone?

OK OK I have idolised him for a long time now if you haven't notice. But he's only recently been in the limelight when his restaurant was votest the world's Best Dining Room by Restaurant magazine. 14 of British restaurants managed to make it to the top 50 best restaurant in the world, how's that for a Foodie Desert?

Check out 'The Fat Duck', here.

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