Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kolo Mee (aka Dry Tossed Noodles)

Rabbit's Kolo Mee
I don't have in my possession any 'family secret' recipes. Searched the net, no one has shared any secret recipes.
Malaysia/Brunei style kolomee bears no resemblance to HK style where the latter is only tossed with oyster sauce. One can find 'albino' (must be lard plus MSG lah) kolomee and also kolomee tossed with 'blacky' (must be dark soy sauce lah) sauce.
I have a relative who sells kolomee near Chung Hwa school in the capital. They use braised meat sauce to toss the kolomee so I follow their method lor, easy and kill many birds with one stone.

I like to braise chicken wings plus deboned drumsticks and eggs. I will serve the wings and the eggs then reserve the drumsticks to eat with instant noodles or to eat with kolomee lor.
The only secret I can think of is the use of shallot oil instead of normal cooked oil to toss the noodles. It adds so much depth to the flavour.

The braising sauce must be reduced down to concentrate the flavour.
Spoon reduced down sauce and shallot oil onto plate and bowl, top with noodle, meat/wonton and fried crispy shallot. Toss and eat. This is delicious enough for me.

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