Thursday, August 04, 2005

Quadruple Chocolate Cake

Quadruple Chocolate Cake

This is a recipe adapted from 'How to be a domestic goddess' by Nigella Lawson.

How is it quadruple? You might wonder like I did first time I saw the title. Well, there is cocoa powder and chocolate chip in the batter (score 2), then chocolate syrup in the glaze (score 3) and final sprinkling of chocolate curls make it a quadruple chocolate cake (all dark chocolate).

This cake is extremely rich and dense, almost fudgelike yet light on the palate but heavy on the stomach. Very weird combination on texture, taste and feeling of fullness on the stomach. You must make and taste it yourself in order to understand the medley.

It makes lovely afternoon tea eaten with ice-cream. The melting gooeyness of ice-cream coupled with fudginess of chocolate wonder feels wondrously sexy on the tongue and feel the flavours slowly exploding in your mouth and melts down like marshmallow. Oops, is it getting a bit 'yellow', but this is exactly how it feels.

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