Monday, July 18, 2005

Buttermilk bun

I missed buttermilk buns. Cannot find in UK, the closest thing is the cocktail bun, but I want buttermilk bun.......What to do? DIY lor...........

'Soup' dough:
90g strong white flour
65g water
35g salted butter
5g sugar

Main dough:
210g strong white flour
56g cake flour
20g skimmed milk powder
42g castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt
6g instant dried yeast
30g whole egg
85g water
84g 'soup' dough
22g butter

For 'Soup' dough:
1. Put flour in a big bowl.
2. Put the remaining ingredients in a saucepan, heat under a low flame until simmering. Turn off heat and pour into 1. Stir with chopstick quickly.
3. Shape into dough and refrigerate for 24 hours.

For main dough:
1. Put all ingredients except butter in a big bowl (or in breadmaker, selecting dough function) in the order specified, knead into a dough. Add in butter and knead until smooth and elastic. Cover with clingfilm.
2. Prove for about 40 minutes or until dough has increased twice or three times it's original size, see picture 1 below. (I put it in oven and sit it above a baking tray filled with hot water)
3. When ready, punch into the dough to let air escape. Divide into about 60g (9) small balls. Roll into balls and prove for another 10 minutes.
4. Flatten dough and put filling. Roll back into ball. Put on baking tray and prove for another 40 minutes or until it is twice it's original size. See picture 2 below.
5. Bake in 180°C oven for 15 minutes.

70g butter
30g icing sugar
1/8 tsp salt
30g whole egg (about half)
1 tbsp cornflour
80g skimmed milk powder

1. Cream butter, sugar and salt until creamy.
2. Add in egg in batches mixing well each time.
3. Put in cornflour and skimmed milk powder, mix well with rubber spatula.

Picture 1

Picture 2


Kuching Miau said...

All of your friends have food in their names. I wonder why they always cluster around your baby's photo to talk. Well, you guys are damn lucky to have bolobao at where you stay. I missed it.

Rabbit Sim said...

To kuching miau:
Hehe, some people eat to live, we live to eat. When we get together, all we do is makan, makan and more makan.
Oh, we don't have polo bunhere, only cocktail bun. I will try make it one of these days but Big King said not nice....

Ihsan said...


Hi :D I would really really like to try this, but am confused with your instructions.

What do you do with the "soup dough"?

For the filling, is the egg beaten before you mix it in?

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

rabbit sim: you are my hero! I have been searching for this recipe for such a long time. I am glad it doesn't require bread improver as I can't find that sort of thing in U.S.

ihsan: the recipe for "main dough" says to include the "soup dough." Hope that helps!

P.S. rabbit sim: I don't know if it's just me but I can't see people's comments on the original post. I had to select all then only can read.

Carrie said...

I have followed your instructions on the fillings. But the fillings melted. Did I do something wrong?