Sunday, July 03, 2005

Japanese Katsu Rice, Hokkien Popiah and Mushroom Fried Noodles

[Monday, 27 June] Katsu Rice

This Japanese pork cutlet rice is Big King's (husband) favourite.

I have used pork seasoned with salt, pepper and chinese rice wine overnight and then dip it first with flour (ordinary) then egg then panko (breadcrumbs). Leave it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes to rest before deep frying.

Katsu sauce: take half an onion and slice thinly. 2 to 3 shitake mushroom (dried or fresh) also slice thinly. Bring one bowl of water in a saucepan and bring to boil add in onion and mushroom and cook until onion is soft about 10 minutes. Then season the sauce with dashi stock powder, light soya sauce and sugar. Turn off heat and pour in 1 egg, slightly beaten and cover with lid until egg is half cooked. Pour over cutlet or rice and serve. Garnish with seaweed.

[Tuesday, 28 June] Popiah and fried yellow noodles

Big King is working night shift since monday till thursday, so I decide to make him something nice.

I have picked up a pointed cabbage at supermarket last saturday at a reduced price so what better to cook than popiah!

Popiah is Hokkien which means thin pancake.

I have used 3 carrots, julienned, 1 cabbage, finely sliced, long beans, finely diced. The other usual ingredients which I have omitted since I cannot find the anywhere are firm beancurd (taukwa) and sengkuang. I have tried to replace sengkuang with turnip before, the resulting taste was horrible +_+ Some thinly sliced pork marinated in salt, pepper, chinese rice wine, sesame oil and sugar (we don't use msg in our household) were also added. The resulting concoction is best left overnight so that the flavour ''amalgamate''.

To eat, simply place as much or as little filling as you like spread it on springroll skin (you can buy from oriental supermarket). I like to add Maggi chili sauce and crushed peanuts and then roll and eat!

Just eating popiah will not even line Big King's stomach's so I have also made fried yellow oil noodles (fresh) with shitake and oyster mushroom.

Yum, a healthy and delicious dinner!

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Anonymous said...

nama aku lim bb. I wan eat those! it look so yummy. never thought u'll be able to cook all these. hehe. me love jie2's cook