Monday, July 11, 2005

Saturday Shopping

Been nagging at Big King to buy a new filter kettle (currently using cheap/no brand from Tesco). The water is hard with lots of limescale where we live. I made lots of research on the net before buying, ngam ngam also got sale on the model I want.

So off we went to a retail park just off city centre.

Got the kettle from Argos (see above), a large catalogue superstore that sells just about anything you want except food.

The kettle sports a stylish stainless steel exterior, illuminates when switched on, telling you it is boiling which comes in handy as it virtually makes no noise while boiling, cool. Base is 360 degrees rotational, handy for left or right handed. All in all, very pleased with the result, the filtered and boiled water finally does not have weird taste. Also bought cartridge, got GBP2 off if buy together so buy lor. One cartridge will last 4 weeks.

We actually stopped at TK Maxx first when arrived at the park. Just want to go one round see whether got bargain. It sells past season designer stuff at knock down prices and recently opened just a week ago. I got an EARL JEAN jacket, happy :) I will blog later on together with my other fashion buy.

After Argos, we proceeded to Mothercare situated at the end of the park (no photo, forgot).

Bought casual clothes for Chloe to wear when we go home in January and a nice set of outfit for new nephew.

Not much sale going on inside the store except for clothing but still bought a toy for Chloe (no sale, see first pic). A very cleverly designed development toy. It consists of two sides, one side is for 3+ months and the other side 9+ months. It will aid her in discovering colour, noices, shapes, even trains the use of hand, amazing stuff!

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