Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ikea Swedish Meatballs (no pic) and Fried Chicken

I have been pestering Big King to go to Ikea for lunch. I have heard many rave reviews about the Swedish meatballs. So, die die must try....

So off we went to Ikea restaurant after ''force feeding'' Chloe (only half an hour earlier than her feeding time, our stomachs rumbling liao).

Verdict: The meatballs are delicious! I'm amazed the meatballs packed a bunch of flavour as they were cooked from frozen (can also buy from Ikea deli at checkout).

During lunch where Rabbit ooh and aah over the meatballs:
Big King: ''What meat is in the meatballs?''
Rabbit: ''Beef and pork, no need siau siu, you don't eat beef''
2 minutes later......
Big King: ''Are you sure got beef in it?''
Rabbit: ''Yes, I can taste the beef.''
Another 2 minutes later.........
Big King: ''Are you sure, got beef meh?''
Rabbit: ''Yes, yes got LOTS of beef, ok, don't ask again.''
Big King: ''I don't believe you, I go and check at the deli later.'' Whatever....the beef will not disappear even if you go look +_+

Bought a cake stand and 4 glass ramekins, no discount on them, but all very cheap as it is IKEA but of course quality lauyah. Also bought creamed cod roe to be spread on bread.

Dinner was only fried chicken using seasoning from a packet.

Fried chicken powder

Fried chicken

Almost forgot to snap picture of these baby. The seasoning was yummy, chicken fried to perfection with juices oozing out when each bite, meat is tender and soft...........but no greens tonight, tired after the frying..........

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