Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Princess start weaning today

I start to wean Chloe with baby rice today. She sure can eat banyak banyak. Slurp, slurp, slurp, very fast all gone liao.

Big King wanted to have a go at feeding her so I took photo lor.


Gu de Peng said...

YHdeGU, I read from LLG quarterly magazine that weaning before 6mths is not advisable. How? Any idea?

Rabbit, the mee texture is very important. Even if you can replicate the taste, lousy mee texture still spoils everything.

So kahsian... Chloe's close up picture shows how bad her eczema is. One thing you can try is to apply krill oil daily on a small area. It has worked for some babies.

Rabbit Sim said...

To gu de peng:
Actually, the eczema is better, it is just scabs now and no more yellow sticky liquid, those areas which the scabs have fallen off have become smooth again.
Ya lor, we have no good mee here, only edible is oil noodle.
Weaning should start at 4 months when milk alone does not satisfy the baby but only start with baby rice, cooked and pureed fruits and vege. 6 mths can eat chok lor!