Friday, July 15, 2005

Mango in season now! Mango Pudding

Mango Pudding

I lived near a large Asian community called Roundhay (in England Asian means Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan/Punjabi/anyone from near that area), that means lots of takeaways and a few groceries shops dotted along the area.
I would occasionally visit 1 particular grocery store called Noshi for fresh fruits, theysome fruits are cheaper than supermarkets by a lot.
Asked husband to buy a box of mangoes as they are in season. We had bought Alphonso mangoes before but I don't like :-r , now no more liao season is from April to July so he brought back a box from Pakistan. They are deliciously sweet and fragrant but still cannot compare with Phillipines mangoes, they are the best!
Let's look at the ingredients:

Mango pudding ingredients


1. Diced mangoes and puree them, reserving some to line bottom of mould.

2. Measure cream, water and puree make sure they make up to 550ml (I used half cream half water). The amount of water depends on your gelling agent please adjust accordingly.

3. Dissolve the vege-gel/gelatin in 200ml of the liquid in 2 above. Add to 2 above and heat to near boiling point in a saucepan (make sure all gel has dissolved), stirring all the time. Add sugar and lemon juice to taste.

4. Cool quickly and pour into moulds lined with the reserved diced mangoes. Cool completely before chilling in fridge.

Verdict: I prefer the texture made with milk and egg.

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Wow, your becoming an expert in baking and cooking. U make me hingry