Sunday, July 03, 2005

Inari Sushi with Stuffing

[Wednesday, 29 June] Inari sushi with a twist

The tin of inari pouch has been sitting in the cupboard for a long time together with it's friend wasabi powder. So one fine wednesday afternoon, they were beckoning me to let them out of the cupboard to pat-to (dating) since weather is bright and shiny, my mood also sui (good) I decide to give in to their beckoning.

Opening the tin of fried beancurd revealed 16 of them packed tightly.

Normal inari sushi only has vinegared rice stuffed inside the pouch. I think it's boring so I decided to whip up Japanese style sweet omelette and also added crabstick to be stuffed inside the pouch then top with the vinegared rice.

I arranged the finished pouches on Japanese ceramic square or is it rectangle?? plate, it was a wedding present from some of my best frens, arigato frens, this is also the first time I use it. It comes with 2 smaller plates ideal for dips.

Oiishi!! Big King exclaimed, hehehe, not bad for my first inari effort.

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