Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Turkey and Egg Sarnie

Monday lunch
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As I am having trouble uploading a group of pictures to my blog, I will blog picture by picture.

Monday lunch comprises:
Mangoes and passionfruit smoothies
Turkey and egg sarnie

The innocent smoothies is one third off original price, so being bargain hunter, quickly snap one up.
The manufacturer claimed only the following ingredients are added, no sugar, no preservatives, no E-no., no GM stuff, no concentrates, no stabilisers, no flavourings and no monkey business, last was thrown in for a laugh.
So what's in the box, if anyone wants to attempt making one at home:
9 green apples
2 ripe mangoes
2 and a half oranges, juiced
1 and a half mashed bananas
3 and a half passionfruits crushed

The smoothies is sweet and refreshing, with no funny aftertaste. I didn't feel thirsty after drinking, store bought juice cartons always left a tannic aftertaste and left me feeling thirsty because of all the sugar they add eventhough they claimed they didn't. But Innocent is the real deal, will definitely buy again.
I was curious to try out the creamed cod roe that I bought from Ikea last saturday so I spread it on the sarnie. Taste was OK the smokey flavour was not overpowering but I find the roe a tad too salty. I still prefer mentaiko. I think it will go down well tossing with pasta, will try next time.

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