Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chocolate & banana cup cake

Chocolate & banana cup cake
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While Chloe was having her beauty nap yesterday afternoon, I baked these cupcakes for Big King to bring to London today and for breakfast.

What's he doing in London? To shop till death cos it's summer sale...NOT...He went to attend a conference/seminar in Windsor to present a poster he's been working on FOREVER......

I love baking and eating these. The delicious smell wafted throughout the house when these were baking in the oven. I deliberately left some chunks of bananas unmashed, it adds an interesting texture to the cake when bitten into.

Anyone interested for the recipe? Leave a comment and I'll post it next time...

If left overnight, I like to reheat the cake in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes so that the dark chocolate chunks melt and oozing out when bitten into......heaven!


Anonymous said...

your website is so interesting !!! home cook food is what i like to see !! may i have your recipe !!

i baked cake from a pre-packed box and brought it to my son's private class (chinese), the children grab them !! left nothing for the teacher ! oops ! my son who hardly eat cake also like to have a bite !!

Rabbit Sim said...

To anonymous:
Will post recipe when I next bake the cake :)