Friday, July 08, 2005

Dinner from packets

Big King has to reroute his return jouney from Windsor/Slough via Reading instead of London. Glad he is home safe and sound. He had originally planned to stay in Brunei House and travel to Windsor in the morning but was too late to make reservation (need 1 month in advance), he might have been caught up in the blasts, boy, narrow escape.....sweat, sweat.......

Too tired to cook last night, so dinner came out of several packages.

Dinner ala Italiano

Dinner has an Italian theme (ribs frequently featured in Italian menu with added Italian herbs of course)

I accidentally deleted the pizza photo. Goodfellas is my favourite pizza brand, they come in different crusts and frozen, they taste better than most restaurant served pizzas. I especially love it's crusts chewy, crunchy, yummy.

I always have packs of theses risottos in my cupboard, they are like instant noodles, quick and easy to whip up, just add water. Great when you're too knackered to think about what to cook let alone cooking something from scratch.

These barbeque ribs were a major disappointment, but one can't expect much with this kind of price tag, 2 for GBP2. Really cannot trust Big King to shop alone, I'll never pick these up in a MILLION year. I said I want BABYBACK RIBS, apalah, cannot tell the difference meh, differ by many many milestones OK?? He should have his eyes checked out. There's one more pack in the fridge >_<, it will be cow feed not rabbit munch........

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