Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Chicken curry and Rabbit brand nutritious soup

Dinner for 2

Ingredients for curry

Japanese style chicken curry (serves 2)
Half packet japanese curry cubes (I used S&B Golden Curry-Hot)
1 onion
2 medium carrots
6 small new potatoes
2 chicken breats
1. Vege and chicken all cut into smallish chunks.
2. Boil 800ml water and chuck in all vege, cook till soft but not mushy.
3. Add chicken, switch off gas when chicken is cooked.
4. Break in curry cubes and let it dissolve on its own then stir to combine.
Tip: gas/fire must be off when adding curry cube as it contains flour which will thicken if heated.

I normally cook the curry in advance to let the flavour permeate through the vege and chicken. When reheating it up, just add water bit by bit if curry becomes too thick.

Japanese curry tends to be on the sweet side, this brand's saltiness and sweetness is balanced and is just spicy enough for Rabbit (I cannot take too spicy food).

Ingredients for soup

Rabbit brand 營養湯:
Belly pork
Fish ball

1. Boil belly pork in enough water (I put 2 bowls so will last us for 2 dinners) for half an hour.
2. Chuck in tomatoes, tofu and fish ball.
3. Bring it back to boil, turn off heat immediately.

Easy peasy soup.

Tip: Again I like to cook this soup at least 1 hour in advance as flavour will enhance with each passing hour. This soup is not for long boiling as the tofu will harden, tomatoes mushy and fish ball lose its flavour if boiled for too long. ''Infusing'' the soup is the best way, to retain freshness and taste.

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