Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Snacks I love currently

This is a seasonal limited edition. Kettle chips are delicious, thick cut and cooked in sunflower oil. This limited edition is equally tasty, however, both the mango taste and fragrant does not pervade, a little disappointment there.

Right: Varlhona Vintage 2004
Each year Varlhona scour the earth for the best chocolate beans and produce a vintage edition. This 2004 vintage lends a note of honey and nut, delicious as expected as it is after all Varlhona.

Left: AMEDEI Chuao dark chocalate.
Amedei allegedly produces the best chocolate in the world. I was a little sceptical when first hearing this claim. Nevertheless, I picked up this Chuao bar when I saw it at Harvey Nicholas. On first taste, the chocolate was bitter but exploded with notes of berries and plums as it slowly melt in your mouth. Truly amazing! It is by far the BEST chocolate I have ever tasted in my whole life. Forget Godiva, forget Varlhona, forget Neuhaus, forget Royce Nama, this Chuao is truly legendary. Wow is the only word for it.


kolomee face said...

rabbit, is it possible to single out "chloe too plump"? so difficult to scroll there nowadays cos it's archieved ba. new salmon who visited chloe there is the firm's resident paediatrician rich with experience in handling eczema.

obachan said...

You have such a lovely blog here :D
I really would like to try the chips.

BTW, I've tried to email you several times about your question, but somehow my emails were all returned. Can you help me?

Rabbit Sim said...

To kolomee face:
I don't know how leh....but I tweaked with the archive so now you can just scroll down the title at the sidebar when you click on archive.

To obachan:
I will try e-mail you again using different account.